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How to save lives and reopen the economy with rapid antigen testing

It is a statement of fact when we say the world is suffering. In fact, it is unarguably and unquestionably when you hear that the world is suffering. The case of COVID 19 has turned down many economies in the world. Some countries are still mourning their loss due to the outburst of coronavirus in 2019. 

One scary thing about this deadly disease is that it is still ruling the world up till today. Several countries are still recording severe cases caused by COVID 19. After a series of research, no one can boldly come out to say “there’s a way out.” No one can boast of providing a solution to the world’s problems.

So, even at that, people need to undergo a test to know the state of their health. Now, it is a must for every individual to undergo rapid antigen tests for covid. So, how shall we all go for the test without spreading this virus? Hence, they introduced a rapid antigen test. Rapid antigen tests can save people’s lives, and our economies will begin to rise again.  

It will not sound great to the ears if we begin calculating what the world lost during the pandemic. Are we going to talk about lives? There are countless properties affected because their owners have gone to the Sheol. Then, how about economies that are fluctuating. They fell due to the crises that faced the world in 2019. And since then, they have been fighting earnestly and looking for a way to stand again.  Learn more how to use a rapid antigen test.

Furthermore, experts, scientists, philosophers, and psychologists worked together to find a perfect and stable solution. But there’s no way to kick out COVID 19 other than to prevent it. So, they used a face mask, social distancing, and hand sanitizers frequently and consistently. 

How to save lives and reopen the economy with rapid antigen testing

What is a rapid antigen test?

A rapid antigen test is a test to diagnose or know if one is battling COVID 19. One fantastic thing about this test is that it’s a tool an individual can use. That is, you don’t need to visit the clinic before you can detect if you have COVID 19 or not. How about that? Isn’t that lovely? A rapid antigen test is a simple tool that an individual can carry. Now, with this unique tool, everyone has access and the free will to know if they have contacted coronavirus or not. Will you agree that a rapid antigen test kit is necessary for every home? 

Why do we need a rapid antigen test kit?

There’s no way to kick out COVID 19 worldwide other than stopping it from spreading. So, if every individual should have access to it by themselves, they will have to do the needful without consulting the doctor for a test. 

On the other hand, a rapid antigen test will also help to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Once you have that RAT kit, you can do the test and see the result within fifteen minutes. If you’re tested positive, the next step is to isolate yourself and take some medications. Since you don’t have the chance to go out, no one can contact COVID 19 through you. Therefore, every home should have a rapid antigen test kit. Why? One of the reasons why you need to have a rapid antigen test kit is to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. Yes, every individual must help kick out COVID 19 in the world. It is not only the duty of health workers alone. Every individual needs to take it up as their responsibility to reduce the spread of COVID 19. So, how can we do that? We can do that by constant checking. With the rapid antigen test, one will know if one is tested negative or positive. Hence, if the result from the rapid antigen test shows one is positive, then precautionary measures must be taken. In other words, if the result indicates that you’re positive, you need to isolate yourself. Not only that, but you also need to be on medications. Mind you; you need to contact a medical practitioner to help you out.

How to save lives and reopen the economy with rapid antigen testing

Why did WHO (world health organization) endorse RAT? 

World Health Organization (WHO) has no choice but to approve a rapid antigen test. The case worsened when those contacted COVID 19 passed the infection to the health workers. In fact, there are places where everything was shut down, including hospitals and clinics. So, to help practitioners and every individual stay safe from contacting coronavirus.

How RAT  can affect the world positively

The economies that are affected will come up and gain more strength if everyone can imbibe the culture of using rapid antigen tests to know if they are infected or not. Therefore, people that are affected will be isolated and treated. By doing this, the spread of coronavirus will reduce. And if there’s a reduction in the spread of this infection, the government can channel their supply into improving other sectors. 

This is the right time for everyone to take up getting RAT kits as their responsibility. That’s the only way our world can be peaceful. But if we fail to adhere strictly to what was introduced to us, which is a rapid antigen test, then we cannot stop the operations of COVID 19 in the world. 

There have been several write-ups about how to make the world a better place. But the one that remains constant is providing a tool or equipment for everyone to know their health condition and act based on the result. So, if you’re negative, you’re free to go out; if you’re positive, you need to isolate yourself and do the needful. Changing the world and its economies begins with every individual. And the whole process is by getting a rapid antigen test kit. 

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